Microbial Ecology Reading Group

I’ve started a Microbial Ecology Reading group at UC Riverside. Here are the papers we read each week in case you want to follow along!

Week one: Bahram et al “Structure and function of the global topsoil microbiome” Nature 2018

Week two: Carini et al “Unraveling the effects of spatial variability and relic DNA on the temporal dynamics of soil microbial communities” bioRxiv 2018

Week three: Hall et al “Understanding how microbiomes influence the systems they inhabit” Nature Microbiology 2018

week four: Pressler_et_al “Belowground community responses to fire: meta-analysis reveals contrasting responses of soil microorganisms and mesofauna” Oikos 2018

Week five: Averill_et_al “Continental-scale nitrogen pollution is shifting forest mycorrhizal associations and soil carbon stocks” Global Change Biology 2018

week six: Ahrendt et al “Leveraging single-cell genomics to expand the fungal tree of life” Nature Microbiology 2018

week seven: Sulman_et_al “Multiple models and experiments underescore large uncertainty in soil carbon dynamics” Biogeochemistry 2018

week eight: de Vries_et_al “Soil bacterial networks are less stable under drought than fungal networks” Nature Communications 2018

week nine: Wilhelm_et_al_ “Bacterial contributions to delignification and lignocellulose degradation in forest soils with metagenomic and quantitative stable isotope probing” ISME J 2018

week ten: Jansson and Hofmoeckel “The soil microbiome- from metagenomics to metaphenomics” Current Opinion in Microbiology 2018

week eleven: Schimel J “Life in Dry Soils: Effects of Drought on Soil Microbial Communities and Processes” Annual Reviews of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 2018