Glassman Lab Members

Lab Manager


Judy Chung (@juchugoo) is the lab manager extraordinaire of the Glassman lab. She studied Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley and was the lab manager of the Bruns lab for two years. She has been the lab manager of the Glassman lab since July 1, 2018 and runs everything related to the wet lab and field work. Judy loves art, insects, and all things fungi. E-mail:

PhD Students

Fabi Pulido-Chavez (@Pulido_Fabi) is a PhD student in Plant Pathology and joined the Glassman lab in the Fall of 2018. She received her Master’s degree in Environmental and Forest Sciences (Fire Ecology) from the University of Washington. She is interested in understanding fungal and bacterial succession, resiliency and dispersal mechanism, in order to comprehend the processes involved in driving fungal and bacterial community composition in disturbed ecosystems. Currently, she is studying the post-fire, fine-scale distribution of soil fungi and bacteria after the Holy Fire. E-mail:

Dylan Enright (@Dylan_J_Enright) is a PhD student in Microbiology and joined the Glassman lab in Winter of 2019. He has a B.S. in Biology from CSU San Bernardino. He is interested in studying microbiome community structure and how changing microbiomes relate to shifts in their surrounding environments. He currently studies changes in soil fungal and bacterial abundance and species richness after wildfire using Illumina sequencing of 16S and ITS1 rRNA regions. E-mail:

Lei Yu is a rotating PhD student in Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics. He studied Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at the Ocean University of China (Undergraduate) and Random Process and Statistics at the University of Melbourne (Master). His hobbies include playing badminton and various card games. E-mail: